Approved MOT Testing in Daventry  
We are open Monday - Friday 8am to 6pm 

Car Repairs and Van Repairs at SDS Garage Daventry 

SDS in Daventry are experienced at fixing and repairing all sorts of problems with all types of cars and vans 


Modern cars are highly complex and require skilled staff to ensure a correct diagnosis and repair. 
At SDS Daventry you can be confident that our staff are fully trained and we only use manufacturers or original equipment 
parts ensuring we can confidently guarantee all our repairs. 
You name it, we can sort it! 
Our current labour price is £60 plus VAT = £72 


If you're not sure if your cambelt needs replacing, pop in and we will check it for you. Many manufacturers recommend cambelts are replaced every 40,000 to 60,000 miles. 
The cost of replacement will depend upon your vehicle, but we will tell you the price of the cambelt and labour to fit it. 
Don't be tempted to ignore replacing your cambelt - if the cambelt breaks it can seriously damage your engine and your wallet. 
Well-equipped workshops at SDS Garage in Daventry for car repairs and van repairs
Car repairs and van repairs at SDS Garage in Daventry
Car repairs and van repairs at SDS Garage in Daventry


Modern cars increasingly rely on computerised management systems to control the way your engine performs, emissions and much more. We have the necessary diagnostic equipment to identify faults and fix them. 
A basic electronic code read and visual inspection is £25+VAT = £30. More advanced diagnostics are a minimum of one hours labour.  


Engine repairs or engine replacement at SDS Garage in Daventry 
Our experienced mechanics can help source reconditioned engines and gearboxes, or rebuild and repair yours if this is required. Clutch wearing out? Our fully qualified and experienced mechanics will check your clutch and advise you if it needs adjusting or replacing. We will give you a price for the work and will retain all replaced parts for your inspection. 


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